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Emotions in business

There are no good or bad emotions....it is what it is. We tend to think that we can somehow master our emotions to get them act in certain way. It is impossible. Especially in business. Over the time you will get some habit or stamina for some situations, but in business..there are no fixation. You will be always jumping emotionally from high to low in business...because it is business...prepare for everything in the world of money. Every decision in business involve emotions and consume brain power, especially when it is new for us. And as business people know, a lot decisions in business, especially during growth, are new. Do not be scared your emotions. People will trust you more when they see your emotions, especially when you not apply them to those people. People see that you are natural and from other side, you will better express them in order to see and understand those emotions. It will help to build yourself for future. In same time accept other people emotions. You do not have to be affected by the anger or manipulation, because you must know your worth...your values. In same time when you control your emotions...i mean you know outcomes (plus minus) of every main emotion you have, you can control yourself...therefore you can control people. People usually scared other people who can control they emotions. So by controlling yourself you control the people in your business or people who interact with your business. As I told before, to get professional in emotional control....just analyse your emotions. For example if you have anger, analyse the root from start to finish. That way your mind study those emotions and your brain format them into strategies which one usually helps to run you business.

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