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Emotions what we can not control does not bring us money

Spending hours and hours in arguments to prove that you will be not pushed by the other people, is common mistake in business networking. How many contracts, opportunities you lost during that arguments...Knowing right people with who to connect is important, but more important to know yourself. Many of businesses lost time in negotiations and arguments because they create in they minds something superior for what they should fight for. Emotions in business doesn't bring us any profits. Emotions can be converted in money, by applying knowledge to them. First to remember, in every situation, you are free and do not have to be here. If you are here then you decide to be here. That will help you control situation in many business areas, which improve with you. Second point to remember, that, someone else emotions in counterargument brings for you knowledge and control of the situation. It is evidence for you that you doing right things. But always remember, you do not have to be here and any time you can quit. Emotions is actually good, because they prove that you are in that situation of business, where most of people quit. Do not run from it. It is ordinary things. As more you run from emotions as more you will be affected. Better admit that you have some sort of emotions, and only after that you will be able to take control of it. Please remember, that if you want to take control of emotions before it will arise, then you naturally provoke emotions and multi strengthen them inside of you. Business is long journey with everyday surprises and you only can judge if that surprises is good or bad for you, and afterwards experience emotions from your judgement. You decide. Live is yours.