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Environment that affects your business

If your business need to perform better than it is now, it is good idea to start thinking about business ethics. We all want to save money at some operations and at some point of the strategy execution by hiring or making low-cost decisions...usually after that, we do not have high profits, because business ethics are affected by ourselves, by our decisions. You can not trust yourself when you trying to save money on something, because you can cheat to others, but you can not cheat to yourself. You know the truth. By paying lower money for example to people, you understand that they are not high-performance people, because they accept low money. Buy paying low money for product, you understand that this product is ordinary product and nothing special inside of it. All that trades create environment inside of your brain and business. Profits start raising when business ethics inside of company are high and when you know the answer without excuses about your business ethics. That when you are missing profit. People can see it and feel it..that ethics...and pay competitive price. The profit starts from you and people...and measure for it is business ethics. Environment that affects your business comes from you, the way you see it. If you see it in your way and continue transmit your attitude constantly for long time, then you will be not affected by environment. You will be continuously making your road to your goals without disruptions. Therefore ethics is part of your discipline in business. You transmit your success to the people. If ethics is strong enough(without any shake in believes in your system) then other businesses will trade with you. Business people , especially who make higher money than you, have good intuition and see you as it is. Your ethics are transmitted. So environment that affects your business partly depends from your ethics. And that ethics you can not hide. It is you and your energy what other people see.