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Evaluating business opportunities

Some people want to start or expand business, and they have to evaluate opportunities in they minds. The evaluation of doing something is starting from thinking about how to do things better and can I do things better. The things can be product, marketing, advertising, image , branding, communications and many more business related issues to fix them or improve. In business important to do things what you really enjoy, otherwise your performance will be medium level. Of course there will be things what you do not like, but it is usually minority. The next step need to think what market require your product and in what format he want to see it. The capital is another issue. Some businesses require high capital, some is low. As lower the investment as unique businesses should be. Next step it is evaluation of the differences between you and others. You need to show the difference for people in the same business, otherwise they wont react on it. All this evaluation is important with yourself. Nobody do not need them. Real business start when you start doing something with internal self-drive. Evaluation of the opportunities will be everyday decision, as environment today change quickly and require designing-redesigning of the existing processes and new opportunities.