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Expect unexpected outcomes

We always in business try to visualise all outcomes. We plan the things, calculate the profit, we imagine how god it will be if things go our way. And you know what...the things will never go your way, unless you doing something what not generate good money for your business. Good I mean, more than average business do in your niche. If you start wanting something more than average, like performance or any other output...then, expect unexpected outcomes. You may believe or not, but if your train yourself to accept not planned things in your business, then you will learn how to deal with them. You need to understand that you can not calculate every outcome of your business, and if you have failure today it is good sign that you are doing something new and there is the money....more money than you planned, but you need skills to get it. We tend to think that our knowledge will help us to get the money...no. Our knowledge just our knowledge. If we do not have what we want today, it is mean that our knowledge at the moment not enough to get that things what we want. Believe me or not, but things coming to your live when you not expect them to come. Yes you can have dreams, be motivated as the super-human,but...you do not exactly when things what you want come to your live and you do not know exactly what form they will take to present themselves as your success. They will be never exactly the same as you want.

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