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Fake Toyota strategies for everyone

Great companies, such as Toyota has its own operational principles and only minority can outperform these principles. The main principles you can take into account and if fit to try to implement into your company. These principles are ongoing improvement in reliability, flexibility, safety and efficiency. Many companies try, but fail to implement. It doesn't has to be exact way implementation, I just show as possibility of variations for the company strategy. And the point I want to mention here, is that Toyota design these tools themselves. So any tool what you will be implemented into the company strategy you must design by yourself, otherwise it will not fit. The idea of the Toyota it is to make system works and hide original tools from the masses. The reason why companies fail to repeat that strategy is simple. They just got false information. Real strategy what I told you before is just assumption taken from other companies who study Toyota. I am explaining these way to make you think not like other think. To tell you that big companies with they strategies would never teach you how to make these money. And a lot education I found about the Toyota just falsification of the knowledge, in order to make other companies to perform worse than Toyota. I bet you never study these way what I present you now. But do not believe in everything what written and referenced to something superior, like big company. You do not know no one there personally from the top management staff. So even it is written that they use strategies what I mention before, it will not work for your company because you need develop your strategies for each area of your business. Think creative, be creative, do not believe in information especially when it referenced to the governmental systems or big companies (anyway its belong to government somehow). Be your own. Build your own empire. Use some information, but build your own way of doing things.

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