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Feeding peoples with information

Every time when companies introduce new product they instantly feed people who interested with the information. Your company, no matter how good it is, has to have people to feed. Information today flow over the internet and distributed very fast. People who interested in your company usually subscribed to source of information and getting as soon as it realised. The information about events about your organisation should feed people as much as possible. The more you feed the more people interact and come to you to buy the product. Information has to be educative for people and interesting for everyone. People are interested in your business, but many businesses, do not know how properly communicate with people. We all want to be interacted, contacted, communicated, heard as individuals. Many people want that, but they do not do anything to achieve that point. Many people just talk, and they talk a lot, compared to what they do. If we want our businesses to grow, lets communicate properly with our potential customers. If you interesting to post some interesting news about the company, it doesn't mean that this news will be interesting for people too. You posting for yourself or for people? If for yourself, then do not need to make it public. If you post for people, then consider people opinions too. Do not need to post something irrelevant to your company, or something what you copy from some source...people know the lays...they wont trust you any more,as more you lie to them. People are well educated today, because of internet. If you feed the peoples with information, then feed them properly.

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