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Find the way to stay in customer mind

No matter how educated you are, how many theories you know...the customer, when you positioning your business, is always defending himself. It happens not because your business is bad or good, it is because to many choices on the market today. Find the narrow gap to stay in the customer mind is hard job and should be earned over the time. For month and month customers looking after you for your particular product, if he have interest in your niche, but he unlikely buy from you...he just looking and study you first. You can not say when your business will be in one customer mind, when it will be in another customer mind...because we all see things differently. Remember, your imagination about customer is same as customer imagination about you...nothing. And if you want to be recognised as the business you have to build your business image in that customer mind. We all tends to think that things...happens like that or other way...but...Think that world is wider than you think, and customer own another knowledge what you do not have in your mind. It is all people like that. Some people own one knowledge, some own another...and there is no definition how customer should looks like. I have a lot of people around the world writing or calling me sometimes and speak with me...and you know...we all different and have different understanding of business things. We all want to grow business, be the reach, be successful..but..interesting thing I note that for some people growth means one thing for others is another thing. And to be the reach for some people means not to own billions, but few hundreds. I am build that knowledge from people around the world, and everyday I learn something new from you or another human. I understand that to build my presence in your mind, I have to give you something, otherwise you wont be interesting. It is knowledge. And same in business. We have to give a lot our selves to the people to stay in they minds to be remembered as the business, to be remembered as the personalities, to be remembered as the experience they want to have again and again. It is more than passion, it is more than lifestyle, it is more than love. Everything is limited. But to stay in some people minds as the business is greatest achievements of you and your personalities. It is greatest acceptance of you and business from the people you never meet, you never talk, but they just support you ...and you know they are there. That why you have to prove that your business has the rights to be in they minds, to help them, to support them. It is greatest thing when people need your help. And you always here to help them. With your business. They come to you...because you are in they minds.

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