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Finding your customer

Customers can be predicted in some cases if you know why they came to your business. You can fully understand them, if you are fully understand yourself and your business. We all trying to understand something, without understanding ourselves. Why we need customer? What we will be doing with him?...To buy our product or services? Why? Why he needs to buy from you and not from another guy? What makes you different? Business usually sell products, without thinking about the whole experience of the running process from the customer motivation till business demotivation. We think only in one order of sell, sell, sell. That why 90% of business decline and go out from market. Businesses think only about businesses. To find customer. We need at the beginning find ourselves, our position on the market, the way people look at our business, the way they interact with our business. Only after fully understand ourselves like businesses, we will be able to understand customers as personalities who motivated to buy our products.

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