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Flexibility of strategies

One strategy can help other strategy to perform better, if it required to generate profit. For example, if one particular part of the business perform well and need support of another part of the business, then businesses can use another strategy on the top of existing one to create increasing value of the product. That way business can expand or deliver innovative way of doing things and create new segments within the business. Flexibility of processes is important to inter-fit inside of the company, because one process usually affect another. Today trends require businesses to be flexible, in some areas even super-flexible and react every minute to the market demand. Depend what business is trading. Important to note that flexibility of strategies requires business to be ready to react. The ability to know the situation and how to apply the strategies and when comes from the business owner. As more intuitive and informative is the owner of the business, as more strategies can be introduced and reproduced in different segments of the business. You need to know where your company strengths and where is weaknesses and how to put entire system into strategies and make this strategies interact with each other.