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Game without rules

Do you care about other businesses success? … Probably not. Do you know exactly what other businesses do? In general they do the same as you do. Majority of them have the same rules. Everyone just want to sell they product. And that how businesses controlled. Everything predictable. If you want to make additional profit on top of the others, you need to use different strategies...non-standard strategies. To differentiate itself, business has to use non-standard strategies in different areas of business. Where and how you will be using strategy of differentiation, you need to figure out yourself, because only people who understand fully business can break it on the pieces and making decision where to differentiate and drive the performance and profit. At the moment businesses just repeat each other. So if you want to make greater profit, you need to be greater different. Difference today it is value of the business and growth. In same time you need to see, how people react on your business. Always hold the market pulse while testing different strategies. In the business today we can see a lot of diversity. Big businesses no longer competitive as a entity, because they are at the moment constructed from the small businesses. To grow they unite small businesses around they core competency. So the small business in order to grow need to unite around them people, who will be interested to do business with them. That how small businesses grow larger.