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Getting the world to know about your existence

No matter how good you are, if not to many people know you, then you have limited choice. The more people know you the less limited your business will be. You will be using more tools, techniques, learning by doing, exchanging information. That what bringing the audience. It bring you believe in you. And that is really powerful in business, when people support and promote your message. Your business cycle working faster. The longer you trade to the wide audience, the stronger the shout of your name. Your business spreading across the mass. It creates stable supply of the increasing power of the business promotion. Maybe you didn't notice, but around your business always someone who look after you. The customer, not make purchasing decision straight away. Majority of customers doesn't switch your competitor to your business. First they observe. They look after you. It needs some time when they decide to give a try and make interaction with your business. Additionally to that, you know...your business message send different to competitor impulses into masses. People cant make choice straight away, because they do not trust your message impulse. It is new for them. They can not decide. People need time to understand your message and your business. Even if you making direct attention to your product, they wont buy. No matter how good product is. Audience need time to make decision. Give them time to observe you. Promote your business image constantly. Do not drop the face. People re watching.