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Guy who walking near your business

We missing a lot of things around. We walk and ignoring businesses what exist, people who is the greatest and things that awesome. Why people doing the same with your business and product? The answer, ...they didn't attached emotionally to it. Product is just product, do not have value if nobody do not buy it. But if someone want to buy it, they attach they personalities to that business or product or services. As more emotions attached to the particular product, as higher price will be for that product. Emotions create kind of culture around the business. If you know how to control emotions in your business and how to build in those emotions in the product and offer customer as experience, then you are strong business. Emotions make customer fly, buy, pay additional money for the services, they make literally everything if you attach it to the product. Ordinary guy or girl who passing near your business, do not need your product. They need emotions. And your job as the business man to provide those emotions.