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Hate, guy sex, drugs, guns, single mothers and freedom

Many business people especially people who start they business cant understand why they not grow bigger and make a lot of money. The business that they have in they minds doesn't fit with real world. A lot of us create bright pictures where we are free and us businesses successful, but you know why it doesn't work...because reality not connected with image of our business. Lets be realistic and stand for real values. Not that values what written in books or internet, to manipulate our minds, but that values what affecting our business. We all run from the poverty, from the hate, from drugs, from guns , because it is not normal. But lets accept that it is going on around us. Lets accept that our businesses and we are part of this entire society. Now notice here, how we manipulated. Someone says what is normal and what is not normal. No one not teach us that other people can do what they want to do and we are doing what we are doing. We all responsible only for our lives. How can be we responsible for someone else lives if we can not achieve our goals in our personal lives. The run business at the moment helps to not making money for our businesses, because it is everywhere manipulated with news with someone else's problems. Why the media doesn't teach us to be ourselves and to make money for ourselves? Because they interested when you spend. The governmental system interested only in they budget gaining. They provide news about gins, rape, sex about everything but not really useful for your business to start making money. Even if you read something about business, they media teach us about someone else's business, without asking simple question...what is your problems? How the media can teach people to do something if they do not talk with people. I figure out this after years of conversations in internet with small and media business owners. The majority of the business owners think that information help them to make business better. But again, how the media information provider know your personality and what you doing or not doing wrong in your business? My advice do not concentrate on the news what not give any benefits for your live. Don't be affected. World start expanding for your business wider when you start accepting reality as it is around you. Only after understanding where you standing at the moment, you will start making something more meaningful in your business. Junk news not for our brains.