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Hitting the target

For businesses money should be not that important as the delivering its services to the customer. Recognition across other businesses is giving more value, than just money targets. If businesses concentrate only on the money, they usually not very creative and have limited choice in expansion and money gathering processes. At first point of business creation and execution, should be the mission, why businesses are created. Without mission money doesn't pay by the customer, because it will be ordinary trade without purpose. Customers and business owners need to see purpose of doing business at the beginning. If business just put target as the money, they usually miss the target, because this target not exist. It is same as you robbing the customer. If you want to hit particular targets in business, you need to have it. The main target of the business it is helping solving problems. As more problems you solve, as more support for business you get, in terms of money. But please note, that money should not be at first place. In business you need to set a targets to reach certain levels of progressions. It can be expansion of multiple solutions, new area of servicing, increase in helping to others. For all things you doing in your business the customers should support you in terms of money. But first, they need to be valuable for customer and demanded by the society.