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How business people dedifferentiate each other

Interesting to note, that everything that you need to have already in your hands. In business people direct they internal resources into profitable way. No one in same, but many things has similarity. To make money people usually using inborn differences. Yes, if you are different to someone else, you have greater chance to make money on it. Promote this difference, cultivate, raise and offer as the business service or brand of your business. The next thing to note is your human capital. It is how much you invested into yourself, such as books, education, motivation and so on. Human capital give you knowledge of things over the others, who stay at the same level of development. Some people do money while performing specific tasks. That good for professionals who gain good experience and knowledge of specific tasks. Did you ever heard the word ..discrimination. It is actually not bad world, if you know how to use it. Discrimination help you succeed over others by making you different from another people. And it is good for people, who have experience in discrimination, because latest business trends show that nations want to see the uniqueness. By professionally selecting yourself across others, you can promote particular people, products, services by showing your advantages over others. The next thing is age. Some businesses mature over others or younger over others, and use this advantage as promoting yourself. For example some customers like old fashion, some young fashion. Some business owners better in communications with young people, some with old. Know your place. And it is normal to understand that people sometimes choose businesses based on they age or the age of the business owner or age of the brand.