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How companies waste time

Time is money. If wasted time, then wasted money. Most the time companies spend on the reviewing current business performance. It is easier to write metrics for it and make people responsible for micro tasks. That way you will save a lot of time. Other area where companies spend time , it is when they trying to solve some situation what usually happens on the day to day basis, like some errors, or arguments and so on...not really important, but part of live. These area can be improved by hiring right candidates. Most the companies I visit, they had management who was not the fans of the companies strategies, growth. I mean they perform they job perfectly, but nothing beyond that point. Company need hire candidates, who have deep interest in business, operations and some related hobbies to it, like active readers of business books, or listeners of business related talks and so on. Candidates should think business, not about they families, problems or holidays....that is not giving company growth. Right candidates speak business. Interesting to note that most companies accept that type of wastage as normal company lifestyle. Then when profit start declined they start looking areas to cut the costs or looking in not related to the problem areas. Sometimes business owners do not want to see something, not because they do not understand that or they not see that, but because...they do not want to see it. It is more comfortable to think that you know everything and doing proper decisions in business. What if not...