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How people programmed

I start with story from one experiment....just want to explain you how it works. You know when you put mouse to the cage where the snakes, they it it. I talk about that kind of snakes which one eat mouses. So they eat it. When you put the glass barrier between snake and mouse into the same cage...the snake...she will be attempted to attack mouse in order to eat it, bit the glass ...separated mouse and snake do not give her opportunity to do so. And it can happens 20 or 40 times, when snake attacking glass, but with failure effect....after she will stop attacking. Next we will remove the glass and snake....she will not attack the mouse. Mouse even can seat on the snake head, but snake will not attack the mouse. Same with people. When we do something and it fail one, twice...5 times...20 times...we stop believing. Even we can do 100 times and it is not successful, but we stop believing. In business there a lot illogical things what require you to fail every time...because it is business...it can not be without failure in something,...in something like bad decisions, not good strategy, not good product and so on. We fail very often in business and we stop believing in one things and start believing in others. Lets take now this example with the mouse and snake....same players,but someone from outside of the snake and mouse logic was involved and he made decision affecting the outcome. Now think. There a lot of things in your business which is not explainable...maybe you understand about what I am talking...about things coming to your understanding only when you do certain actions. Why you or me can not give the knowledge of this things at the beginning of our businesses? You know why? Because system...around you...do not need people understand that. It was created as it is and that businesses who understand the system ,just use it. They will never share knowledge in books, in speeches, in news or somewhere else. Your business possibilities can only be discovered by you and they are affront of you...that opportunity affront of you, but our minds do not understand that. We are doing big business mistakes...we believe in that things what others make us believe. It is same as mouse and snake, when we stop believing.. same example with the glass. But...a lot of people believe in lottery, where chance to win maximum amount of money is 14 millions. I show this example to you to make you understanding about the believes in your business formatted by your brain taken from some sources are not the perfect. It is better every time generate your own believes, like business decisions ,strategies, business culture...and so on. But it has to be your own decision, without taking external news, views, suggestions about the businesses. Question 100 times every advice taken from someone, question 100 times every book about the business or source of business information. You must control your believe system in business in order to make the decisions in business. Today or tomorrow, ...question yourself why you doing things in your business that way as you do, but not another...that way your mind start expanding. Question yourself.

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