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How to control in your favour

The idea of control is to control some group of people in order to get desired results in business. The business culture and the structure in this type of business should stay always the same. For the greater control culture/structure should never change inside of this type of businesses. The lowest hierarchical individuals in this businesses should be never be empowered. Fairness should be forgot and not to be promoted as the strategy. The system exactly the same as we have in every country, where governmental systems work exactly this way. So you should understand how to control the organisation where you will be making limitation of education, motivation and information. The systems will be working always one way and with benefits only in your favour. Information acknowledgements would be sent to the public showing purpose of the serving the everybody needs, but in reality it will work only for your needs. In this systems we do not have usually rational attention for everyone, it needed to make people who have managements job titles or higher, to feel the importance of them and because of these to pay them less and motivate less. Control also needed to separate people from owning the all knowledge to produce particular product or service. That how control systems work in some organisations. If you inside of that system, then no point to be there, because they not interested you to progress or owning some knowledge. This system only benefit people who own that system.

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