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How to network with right people

You know what...to make good business you need to communicate with right people. Nobody will be not interested in “plain” advertising. People need communications. You have a lot of people for communication around, but you need to select few of them who benefit your business. It is important to understand who is staying affront of you when you are about to start communicate. It is can be tested very simple. Start asking right question, in order to show your position and test position of those people who chat with you. First question...ask him or her , how he start his business. Business people like to chat about themselves, if they see similar-like people affront of them. If he not start chat with you, then discard, move to the next person. Next question ask him what he like or not like in business. Ask him what is difference between him and competitor and so on. If you communicate with people who potentially good for business, do not talk about personalities from first meeting. Talk about business, his business. Do not advertise yours, it is NO straight away. And do not be afraid to be rejected. Business is business.