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How to understand your market

You know, all of us have different cultures, believes, languages....and the idea about hot to understand the market doesn't work uniquely for everybody the same way. Even, sometimes, we can not answer the simplest questions to ourselves, about how to understand our markets. Do you know your current or future customers? How does they looks like? A little bit problem starts here if you can not see your customers who will help to make for you millions. Maybe you see at some point, someone, looks like customer, but if you still not making enough money in your business, probably you need to think about it. Do you have enough base of customers to support you to move to the next level? How many of them and how many more do you need them? Why? Answer to yourself this questions, to know how you will move towards progression. Who is your competitors? Do they have Ferraris or do they live on street? How do you now that? Do you know them personally? Why? This will help you get idea about the current situation, about how your competitors living, what lifestyle do they have..maybe something interesting will be for you, for example, what they eat and how they sleep. Why not. They are your competitors, so if you note something in they lifestyle of running business, maybe you will beat them with more progressive and competitive ideas. Think about competitors clients...why they choose him? Why they not go to your business? How you can do things differently to attract them. This is a little game, will help you to explore your mind more widely. Try to discover from this something new for you, that what will make you and your business live a little bit better every day.