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How your business looks like

Just want to name global business model to give you understanding of the business possibilities. Lets start from Strategy, which is usually has to have direction, plans, implementation. Next is strategic transactions, which is usually have investments, portfolio. Lets move to the next one. Operations. This usually has research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales and of course latest IT technology. Next one is human resources. Here we have leadership programs, human capital, organisation and culture. Next thing is finance. This area has financial strategy, capital, management of investment funds, dividends, and financial feedback from overall operations. Next is risk management. This area has the variations of the risk management programs for company, philosophy of ethical behaviour, and constant monitoring of business interactions in various forms. Next area is external relationship management. This area usually responsible for the brand positioning, external shareholders network development, legal requirements and monitoring. The next area is CEO. For this area of business we doing appraisals for CEO, checking his performance, rate of performance, output against the desired performance. Last area of the business is business structure and management. This area responsible for overall company effectiveness, selection of the right people who can perform and monitoring assignments against companies values and goals. That how companies looks like. Doesn't have to be exactly the same, but some areas could be implemented for better management. As I said, if you know how to better manage and build big company, then you will apply your models of growth. It is just for referencing of the other companies strategies. As more you build your own, as better for your company growth.

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