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Hyper competitiveness

To be competitive businesses need to follow they way of doing things. Many of us try to be competitive, but copy-paste someone. Have your own vision and values affront of you. That will bring you reputation. If you have your natural values and natural vision, then you know what you are doing...you know what to do next. Other companies just copy someone vision and values...that how they fail...they just do not understand what they values and by copying someone they just create something what already exist on the market. As I said previously, if you create something what already exist, then you need double capital to overbear the highest competitor. Next step in hyper competitiveness is to have people who disagree with you. That way you will learn other way of thinking. If everybody agree with you, then more likely they do not care what you think...easiest way to agree..to argue with you, they need use more energy. Create environment where people will be openly telling you what they think about the company strategy. That way only you will see something different...what other people see. Maybe you notice previously inside of you....intuition...you know that feeling when something going on around your image or reputation, but you couldn't prove. Trust it. If you feel something instinctively that something wrong, then it is wrong. In business that feeling is very important. Never reject it. A lot of people just ignore it, but...it is better to train inner thoughts...they never lie...no matter how brain work. You ...and other people make mistake when they create something good, when they feel that it is no that good, but they create excuses and expectations...that how we fail. We do not trust our feelings, but creating something ..like dreams about other people...and in most cases it is not true. That how hyper competitiveness should not work. You should trust your inner thoughts and have your own expectations. Other peoples is just tools for achieving your goals. Trust your inner thoughts. They never lie.

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