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The company which one introduce something competitive like product or service today, not have the advantages of this competitiveness tomorrow. The market today is hypercompetitive and usually when strategy, especially it it new, introduced...the other companies copy it or modify into they strategies. There are no thing such as competitiveness in the long run, because to be really competitive company has to introduce every day something new. Lets look on the ordinary company who run ordinary strategy. This company profit, revenue or turnover usually on the same minus market growth rate. The customer is not stay any more long time in one segment. He constantly move and interact with various segments. Customer have choice and information around him constantly pushed by various businesses stimulate him to interact with different institutions of this information, which force him continuously experience new business experiences or new business models of interactions. Will he stay with your business or switch to similar type of the business, depends of the context of the information received from different sources, which usually can interact with him everyday in form of advertising, communications, media or other type of information source. To be ready for this hyper competitive game you need to have ability to generate everyday new ideas and strategies. In my understanding, when company stuck with one idea or service, then more likely this strategy will expire in long run. If you want to be hyper competitive then you need to generate every day new ideas, new strategies, new suggestions...and all this staff should be of course not copy-pasted, I mean taken from someone or copied from somewhere. To be hypercompetitive you should generate everyday your own solutions for your business problems.

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