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I am what I am, but nobody do not understand who I am

How many times did you heard big statements such as “we are the best” , “best business in town” and so on. You know why most of this businesses are not successful? Because they make statement about nothing. People just do not understand them, because a lot of business have the similar statements. Be specific. People will start understand you when you are specific. Instead , for example, saying “best business in town”, you need say “best business in town in pizza making for 30 minutes guaranteed” . You see the difference? Your business give specific promise for customer. Your business not like other businesses who claim about everything what customer do not understand. You are specific and straight to the point. Find your business straights. Put into specific points. Do not be like other businesses who just waste time and money trying to promise anything but in reality doing the same. Be specific. Save time and money to deliver your business specific points to the customer.