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If company do not invest in people, they do not perform as average company at they niche

People. Ever notice company when you coming into ...staying little bit there...month or two...and understand...they not invest money in people. Yes, many companies do not invest money in people. They invest sometimes and only in some, but not 10% at minimum for the overall staff. If you owner of the company you should know that if you do not invest in people, then your company do not grow. Many scared of investments, because they scared that people learn something and go to another job. Anyway...no matter what excuse is...if you understand that you are not good at delivering peoples for your business, like educating them, promoting and so on, then you not likely will making growth. There will be growth, but slow...one year more, another less...and in total slow growth over long period. Since 2001 the growth was studied by the majority of the companies and institutions. And they found that if you not invest into your employees, then do not expect extraordinary growth. Be realistic. People same as you. They understand things same as you. If you give them a job, they give a back what you need..but. For your company growth needed extra performance and motivation to perform higher than usual. Everybody know the games, but we keep believing in something should happen and one day our companies will grow...we keep this believe usually until we get retired and another guy with same believe replace our place by doing the exactly the same as we do. So the truth of this story is simple...everyone knows the game. Keep going.

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