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If you stuck on one level

Our mind do not understand many obvious things. Our business not performing, and we cant explain it or something happened good or bad in business and we can explaining. Watch these signs to confirm that you are in wrong place in wrong moment with wrong people and not in your favour situation. If you notice that some people around complain that they could not reach you. That sign usually indicate that you invest your time into particular people, not necessary good for your business progression. So review it. Next sign when you feel that someone is special. Worst sign ever. Those people usually have influence over you. You living your live and you must doing your decisions. Break these communication. You and only you should be as the point of judgement...influence should be in doses. Next point to notice is your confidence. If you are to much believe into someone it is also has to be destructed. People are change. We do not know each other. Today people like this, tomorrow like that. Do not create priorities in people...they all the same...some useful some is not...you should control it without confidence...i mean that world(confidence) shouldn't affect any decisions...you cant trust in people who you do not know 100% ( I mean we don't know each other deep personalities). The last thing to notice it is people around you. If someone tells you that you are great and perfect, it is no good...because they are using you or will use you later. Normal people who have they strategies, do not judge to much others...they have they own strategies. If people giving you opinions when you didn't ask them, it is worst people ever. That people usually manipulate you or use...but with that kind of people you will not progress, because they downgrade your self esteem with they positive judgements. Do not be affected.

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