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Ignoring Rules

Someone put in your mind that business should run following certain rules. You think they want to help you? No. It is your competitors. Ignoring rules is the good strategy for business. Of course it should be ignored wisely, otherwise you will not make any profit, but in some parts of business it possible. Ignoring the rules is good when you achieving positive outcome for your business. It is same as the risk. You can win or you can lose. In business similar logic as risk taking, either you making money with your own rules or you not making money by following other people rules. Try question yourself about your business operations...why are they like that, and can not be other way? Most of your answers will be based on the past behaviour of other businesses, but you need to understand that this set of thinking slowing you down and not generate profit. If you want to make real money, then you need to go against set of standards, against existing strategies, against of yourself. You can not make more profit without change. And the main change it is you. To break the rules, you need to break yourself on pieces. Where some of the pieces will be new and not discovered before. That how progress and innovation created. That way only today we can generate big profits. By following same patterns of thinking we are getting same as yesterday. Start making yourself with something new. Break that rules of “hassness”. Hassness is new word meaning of people who has to act like others, but not like he want. Build yourself bit by bit. Start building ne of you, by breaking these rules.