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Importance of you

Additionally or supportively to your business brand you need to brand yourself as the person attached to the business. It is important because many customers especially in small/medium size business usually buy additionally to the product part of inspiration by you. In short term they buy part of you. When you sell part of you, customer usually buys your promise about quality of the product, about price, about mission of your business...to get him happy. That technique link him and your business to make him come back and to be attached emotionally to your business. It is important that your personality inspired potential customer to take a risk and try your promise about the need of your product. Your job here is to find best technique to understand each of your customer psychologically and connect with him emotionally. Over the time you start understanding overall psychology of your business and your customer. That will make you better use tools to sell your product and introduce your business the way you want it to be introduced. You will take control over the business and the customer that day when you master best skills to attach your customers to your business. That why important to understand importance of you...importance of your personality.