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Importance to understand business language

World shape ideas. We communicate on language which constantly change. For some people business is to sell and make 100 dollars and for other to make millions. We need to understand that our meaning in business about the different from the meaning of other people. And the point I want to raise know...that things what we understand in business such as quality, process and other business you understand them your way or the way best for you business? The things start getting meaning if you start understanding that when we communicate with someone about business, they have one meaning of understanding and you have another. The interesting point start now...if you have problems in business and do not know how to solve you really see problems as the problems?...i you really see what is the problem? Or maybe you see your suggestion about something not relevant what needed to be solved?...How can we know exactly meaning what need every issue in business have and how it has to be exactly described. The answer is simple...there are no answer. Every issue in your business or someone else business has different affects, effects, history, story, explanation and solution. That why every business is unique, if this business making good profit and majority of the businesses is the same, who usually fail in first two years or do not make much money. You cant describe someone business, because your see your business your way...and when you describing someone business you look through the prism of your business...through your understanding...small issues or not issues you can not see in other businesses because you never or more likely experienced them.

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