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Improving business processes inside of the company

Many businesses understand the importance of growth. Business process improvement brings company new results. As many companies understand that, not to many actually know where to start. The improvement process itself, should be viewed as joint activity, where the process owner and process improver can implement desired changes. The problem should be solved by two or more people, who implement best practises together. That how synergy created and used. In same time those groups of people should set up study groups between them, in order to study every new process outcome and manage the change. Information about process change should be shared on the meetings. To not waste time on the meetings, the agenda should be created for each outcome or issue which needed to be discussed and then answers should be recorded for future references. The structure of collecting information and saving information, should be designed in one format and used as guide for future interactions. From the technical point of view, every problem should be solved by using standards of the problem-solving techniques. Within format of problem-solving, other non-related subjects of discussion, which not related to the problem, should be viewed as company resources wastage and critically pointed to the initiator of the wastage subject.

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