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Improving management performance

Every task need performance, for company progression. If you are having too many meetings then it is first sign that company in trouble. Reduce the amount of meetings, and concentrate on company performance. Be responsible, make it work, create strategy by yourself and start controlling your time. Build inside of your company culture, where employees do not ask, but act. Giving orders is costly..it is your time and time cost money. In same time if your employees cant act without you, even in some tasks, you create bottleneck in processes and that is costly for you, because it is time...and time is the money. If something happens inside of your company and you are nearly last person who got the information, then you build wrong relationship with your team. You are not controlling...they control you...and events. Company staff need to see you first as the human, not as the image of the boss. Build friendly atmosphere where everybody will be understanding you. People around should not worry about your image messages. They should know it. As a human. Many inexperienced managers building wrong picture of the bosses, where they act as the power. That way you loosing more energy, because it is better for everyone to be the natural as they are. As more you play the role, as more energy you use. Instead of playing the role, bring all your experience and work. Most processes and problems usually start from management. If management cant run the company, no matter what worker he hire, it is always will be bad outcome. In right company culture with defined processes people are performing. It is only minority can go against the company culture and do not give right performance. If you pay competitive wages, care about every employee and truth wordy to them, then they are unlikely to go against your company expectations or your expectations. Everything start from you.

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