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Improving self performance

To operate at high level for the business people has to track themselves against performance. The questions which should be mentioned in performance assignment are purpose, resources and effectiveness. A lot of companies just do not do that considered themselves as normal-level performance. With self performance assignments people at the top level can see how they skills matching against current companies standards and which areas needed to be developed. Critically thinking, companies that way will improve they overall business performance. Self performance also can be measured during the group meeting, performance talks and with internal company mentor. The overall goal to do this types of assignments is correct management staff with the company vision. As more alignments will be done, as more people will be directed towards company goals. The difficult task here that a lot of companies have vision statement, but they do not tell the truth. I mean, these statements do not really reflect company values and standards. Therefore if company will be doing self performance assignments, then resistance more likely will be met at the beginning. In same time if company just have assumptions of the performance, without measuring it, then company unlikely to grow, because no direction to grow. Without self performance improving, management staff doing what they want to do, corrected sometimes by the business top people. It is same as monkeys in the cage, who jump as much as the monkey leader allow. With self performance at least people will be understanding where company want them to see.

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