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Innovative culture

Not to many businesses are grow. Many just want to grow, but not grow. The issue here is that many companies do not see growth. They do not see how company usually grow or they see limited possibilities of growth. The growth start from reputation. It is when company start thinking and making actions from feedback. When reputation raised as the meaning of the existence for the business, then growth more likely to be forwarded to the desired direction. Then business calculate risk factors. When the business see the risks, face the risks and reduce risks which one affect business performance, then growth going as it supposed to be. If nothing not happen, then growth are not realistic. Access to the capital is another issue. When people attracted, when capital attracted, then it is indicator of the business culture which one projected to grow and supported to grow. In same time company has continuously learn new ways of the possibilities of production, techniques and ways to learn new knowledge for the company growth. Do not stuck with the same rules everyday, because this is not innovative culture. Innovative culture it is when everybody around doing mistakes and grow from this mistakes. Without doing mistakes companies do not grow...they just repeat someone's steps.

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