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Is that what you really need?

When we put some goals in business, such as growth, change, progression and so on...ask yourself...is that what your really need? Maybe solution is no needed because goals in first instance interpreted or given wrong. You need to recognise the issue first. Is that really needed for do particular things in order to get desired goals? How do you see it? Why you see it? Maybe some other ways to see it? In that case we learn to maintain our thinking process in business. We cant do always things same way as we did before. Business knowledge and decision making process shift every day. Learn how to think from another points of view in that moment when you start identifying something. Learn how to think in multiple ways...not only from one point of view...be multi. During decision making process...track how you connect main source data and secondary data...it is the data which one you trust and another is maybe-possible can be trusted. Track the decision making process from different points of view and always look the ways to expand the data sources for your particular decisions...data tends to be manipulative today and not really subjective, but one for everyone solutions. Form your decision process and form your data usage in decision process, form what is important and what is not important. Always review your existing processes in business. Always question yourself everyday...that what you doing in business...is that you really need? Develop yourself, educate, question always...expansion is your success, questions is desire to learn and grow and everything together...new ways of doing things which one you really need.

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