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Key intangible assets

Who needs your innovation? Customers. They need better price, quality...everything on top of what they paying. A lot of companies ask..how? Well, lets start from selling something on top what we already sell to them. You have product, sell services on top. For the same price. Quality..ok...increase quality...for the same price. Impossible to do the same product for the lower price? Innovate. It is you job to select right people within your company who will be innovate. Not people to do the job, because we have a lot of robots like them who can do the same job even cheaper, but people who can create job and the product. You hire opportunities. People should deliver results. Not that results , like working fast, or increase quality, or effective management...market long time already do not need that rubbish. Market want new things every day and as fast your people or you innovate new things, as better for you. Do not work just like you have to work, or you have to do the job, or someone say you should do that. You must innovate and deliver new way of production to the market. Today we have two types of companies , who is copy-paste and who is innovative. Innovative companies do innovation. If you don't know how to innovate do not innovate, but at least understand that if your product is just another copy-paste, then it is short run strategy and you not making money as normal companies do. The innovation start from seeing opportunities around you. To think differently. To create opportunities. To make opportunities, to communicate with opportunities, to deliver product/service to the opportunists. The world is wider than you think, and we have billions of innovative strategies. You just need to choose one which one is not exist. That why I read the books, and write about that. That how people expand they knowledge, to start thinking differently. Everything inside you and around you. You just thinking in dimension you create for yourself and thinking that is how it should be. But innovation, is the process of thinking beyond that dimensions. Innovation can be find in every business, in every process, in every human. Just learn what you like to do and offer it to the market. It is simple. Do what you like and from that point your business will change. If you like be poor, then stay poor, if you like to having non-effective business strategies, then run your business with infective business strategies. Innovation give your business growth only when you will start thinking outside of that dimensions in your brains. The business start working for you, when you see the opportunities and other peoples dimensions. When you start aligning your business to the desired outcome, innovation will come in few month. It is force. Which come from inertia to the goal. It is difficult to explain, but easy to start. Just put your whole live toward goal and discard other thing. Try it. You will see how your live change. Only you and your goal. Other people doesn't matter.

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