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Kings never die

The business is about selling customer what he want, not what you think he wants. Your expectations about your business, about your customer, about your product is your expectations. When you try to sell something to the customer, it is your move...not the customer. Understanding the difference? Once again....when you sell something it is your problem, when customer want to buy something it is his problem. You can not sell your problem as your problem, because nobody not interested in your problem. Matching customer's problem is another case. It is involve understanding the customer's problem. In many cases business can not grow because problem what you have, lets say super-great product for sale, is not really needed for no one....because it is your problem and you still think that it is great product, you stuck...Nobody not interested how great you are or what do you think...customer interested only in solving problems for himself. And it is normal. If you want to grow, then solve customer problems. Try understand what he want. When you put message about your business or product to the customer, then test the reactions. If you think that message is great, then always remember...it is what you think...not the customer. Always test the steps in business. Do not rely on the something good for you as unique and only. It is your problem. Customer not interested to know about it, what is good for you and perfect. Customer wants good for him and perfect. Do not assume 100% that you making right decision in business. Test your strategies first. Lets say you have 100 dollar for marketing. Then spend 5% test for one strategy, then 5% for another, until you decide invest rest of the money into something that work. Your assumptions is just assumptions. Without testing it is assumptions. Test little by little. Try yourself in new areas of business. Listen the customer. Speak with him. Communicate. Assumption in most cases wrong. Better see the real reality. That way you start understanding people around your business and attracting them into your business, because they will find something common with you. In same time you will grow with help of people. Do not concentrate to much on money. Concentrate on the growth with help of this money. Always invest into your working and checked strategies...in that what people demand. Business is not for you to make the money. Business for people to help them to solve they problems. If they see that your business solve they problems, they support your growth by buying your products or services.