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Knowing the people

In every area of business networking is important to understand people around the business as they bringing in value or taking out. By judging the people the way they looks like, we usually apply wrong dimensions, because majority of people we fit into our internal expectations...mind patterns. Realistically people are different. To understand this difference we need observe them for the long time, because even if we ask them about themselves, they will lie. And they lie not because they want o lie, but because majority of us do not know who we are. Only assumption. In critical moments or other situations which we didn't experience before, we all acting differently. But in same time we all have picture about ourselves, but in reality we are not what we think. When you building network with someone it is important to be natural..the way you feel you are, because you consume less energy that way and less unknown models of behaviour will appear, which in most cases interpreted as the lie. Many people in business who do not have real value for you, will be playing your model of behaviour. They will be as much close to your expectations as possible, in order to get more benefits from you. Other people who do not have values, are behaviour differently. They will be acting in most time consuming they time and your time. People who have opinions and values close to your are more ideal for doing business with. But...important to track they behaviour. If you see they models, and you decide to do business with them, you must truck behaviour. You must see how they act. Majority of people just talk lies, without making things happen. If he say, for example he want to start the business, ask him what he do everyday for that. If he say he got a good business, study everything around it to confirm his truth...for example check his personal profile and see the way he think. If he posting rubbish, like copy-paste material, then his business more likely the same. In every situation around your business when you deal with the people look for signs of confirmation of these people. People as people now everywhere. People as actions are difficult to find.

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