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Knowledge without action

When we learn things about business we learn the things. We all like to learn the strategies, business problems, solution, the ways to earn more money, but...not to many people act. Or act in limited way...few time try and give up. Not to many people doing proper action. Knowledge without action is just information....We all learn business information and related information about our businesses. The main things why we need this knowledge for our businesses is to study what already exist and not to do same way, in order to be successful. If you repeat any strategy in the world for your business by applying 100% exactly the same steps, you will fail. Not because strategy bad, or you, or someone else, but because a lot of people already know about this strategy and they repeat it. Army of repeaters is great example how not to do your business. If you took information as it is then modify, redesign or use as source .but never ever not use original application. The big issue arise for businesses about knowledge and action on that knowledge. When we influenced under some idea we tend to act opportunistically, but...when you have this kind of feeling, I would suggest you to stop doing anything about this until your emotions calm down. Maybe for few days, maybe for few weeks...i do not better know yourself than me. So at the end I just want to say that knowledge without action is just knowledge without action. The real process start when we start doing something. No matter how much knowledge you have. Without action you just ordinary guy or girl. When you do action you are fighter.

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