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Language that not everybody understand

Your business or idea of business more likely will be rejected by many people. It is not because they are clever or not clever, or interested or not interested. You will be rejected because you create something new for other peoples personalities. When you sell something, in many cases it will be new for them. It will new for majority of people who potentially could buy your product. It happens because majority of us created by institutional standards. We all learn something from schools, from colleges, books, parents. And majority of those people are created by the institutions, They knowledge is not perfect to make millions for your business, otherwise everyone around will have those millions of money. You need to understand that if you want to make your business idea work, you will never get support from people around you, because they are different. When you will be introducing new technologies within your business it will be rejected straight away, because no one do not like the change towards your goals. They do not need it. If you notice that today we have a lot of sellers of strategies for businesses and everyone give promises that your business will be running at higher profit than before. But it not happening like that. People not interesting in your business performance. If you have company, and someone say to you that he interested in your business performance, fire straight away this people,because they are lying to you. If you truly believe that someone interested in that things, try to give someone 1.000 dollars. If you question now yourself why you need to give someone 1,000 dollars, so my question will be why those people need to perform for your business? Only not wise people can give something for nothing. You do not need those people for business, they are either lie or not wise enough. More interesting to note that if we have good business idea then we have a lot of resistance, because people within that sector where you enter not interested to reshape they influence or power, no matter how good your idea, even if it saves millions of lives. It is business. Business ideas usually create and shake existing business processes. In turn everybody start thinking that those ideas can create instability within already existing ideas and it will treat power of people who top-influencers of the old processes.