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Leadership 2020

Most leaders trapped in patterns. Not to many of them understand this...and only few of them can switch. We all have patterns from fathers, mothers, jobs, friends...and we trapped into that. Not to many can say “No” when it needed to say “No”, and “Yes” when you want to say “Yes”. We trapped on the thinking what others will think about our decisions..how our decision affects them..what if...And it is trap, when we think like that in pattern “What If”. The real answer is that most people doesn't care what you think...i mean maybe for you it looks that they do...but you know...the lower they social believes, the more they want to see you there. The more they want to see that you share about same rubbish as they do, and have same rubbish lifestyle as they do. That they want to see. But not your growth...or leadership in something. They just like that..and let them be there. You cant help them. They choose this lifestyle...to be like that. You can help only to yourself-to not be like them. The leader is the person who grow in 2020...and he/she doesn't have any defined skills, because the skills constantly grow and developed. It is kind of non-ending game of growth..that how leader looks in 2020. And you know....if you want to help someone, or give advice....do not do that until they will not ask. No matter how you want to help them....help yourself first to not helping others when they do not ask. That way you will save your energy, time, money, your mental energy and so on. All energy transfer only into your personal growth. That way leaders grow in 2020. Do not put yourself at that level where you not belong. Value yourself leader 2020.

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