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Leading people

Some people think that it needs to be born to be the leader. I do not think. We all born same..plus minus little defects or natural differences. If you want to be the leader....just be. First, explain yourself why you want to be the leader. It has to be the strong point inside of you to put it is as a key. You need to understand what you will be developing and around it building knowledge and skills. To lead the people you need to learn different type of people. You can find in internet, if you interested, what type of people exist and how to lead them. But it doesn't important here. My point is you need to learn peoples desires...why they like that and not another way. Then you need to learn what people around you do not like and why they reject particular ideas. In short...learn about they tastes. Another point to consider it is how you will motivate them...what tools you will be using. Today a lot of people like monetary benefits...but some still believe that something good happens tomorrow...i mean not monetary benefits...feeding them with promises. And one day you will notice that a lot of people..who you will be motivating...like child. Some of them need attention more, some of them less. You will be running around them and create perfect reality for them. Telling them that when they do particular rubbish....that rubbish is not rubbish, but they meaning in live...or not they meaning, but your company meaning and they are part of Astro-Galaxy project...and without them you would know how to fix bolt to the nut. So yes...to motivate the people, you need constantly push meaning of the things they do in they lives. From one side is sad, but...it is they choice to be like that.

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