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Lets talk about getting customers...

How to get customers? Lets look from another point of view, why they usually not happy... To identify they needs. Majority potential customers walk from your doors because they do not feel they attachment to your business. How? They being not recognised as personalities or they feel ignored during first visit. All people want to be special or recognised as individuals. Give them that sense, no matter what believes, nationality or language they are. For you it is your potential customers and no matter how weird they are, you need to study them first and after already making judgement. Another leave because they not happy with your service. Listen them, because they will give you idea which areas of your business doesn't serve they needs. After when they express they dissatisfaction with your service or product, you make decision to develop,improve or ignore they message. Another leave because they find something somewhere better. Well, you need to know your competition, especially if they have similar product. To know and accept your weaknesses is first step in your business growth. No matter how good you are, there are will be always someone who will criticise your business. Do not reject this people, because they are has to be in that place. If you unhappy when someone criticise your business, stop and think. Why you unhappy and why someone else opinion disappoint you. Admit that not all people around you will be telling the good things. Your customers sometimes also will be telling bad things, but it is not your problem. Problem start when you call it problem. Bad opinion about your business start when you call it bad opinion. Opinion is always opinion. Bad or good....it is your choice and if you do not like it it is your problem. Do not create for yourself problems. Admit that other people can have different point of views. By understanding this simple things you will attract more customer, because you will understand them. We all human and we all different.