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Life long learning

When we grow we taking world as it is. We not to much question about things wider than we accept as truth. Same in business. To grow bigger or wider, or just increase profitability of the company, we need to understand wider than we understand now. There are no lesson to teach you exactly how it is should be. After communicating with hundreds people I made average conclusion that we need turn our present business thinking, into questioning. We need start questioning ourself first, why we doing business this way and no another. We need to start going outside of the present business thinking and start questioning more wider questions. We need change our behaviour towards something more on the top of the existing. Notice a lot of people stuck in thinking they create before and they do not move. Today I wrote email to the company who work with me before and from conversation I notice that it is same guy as one year ago and 5 year ago. He communicate exactly same way and in same style. And that what I call dangerous style for your business. When someone notice that you staying same and not progressing. When you notice the same. Do not go into that trap. Do not assume that you know your business in depth and everything. New things coming everyday. Today you are king , tomorrow you are slave. And it is live. You need accept that world around you keep changing and the things which you give value today, cost nothing tomorrow. Expand, learn, discover new things, new meaning. Be hungry. Business today about to be the ready to change tomorrow. And take sometimes challenges. Try something new. You must progress your knowledge, you must think wider than you are now. Learn people, learn yourself, enjoy your life, enjoy the present situation. Do not wait for something. Live now. Love the live with hate, smile, pleasure, with crazy people around, with anger, with man or woman...no matter what it takes...it is your live and you getting either pain to learn lesson or pleasure after the pain. It is your live and live it now.

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