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Listening people

Business design should be able to allow listening the external society. It needs for better communications, like sales and marketing . When customer coming to your business he should understand that you recognise him as individual, who has different or similar characteristics and expectations from you. Yes you need, to understand today, who and what expected from your business. Mass image is not working any more. Businesses switch to multi-image presentation. For one man they present one face, for another woman they present another face. The need to differentiate coming more deeper in our society, than values of that needs. We cant separate now customer on good and bad, because whole society support different things and values. By rejecting one value from your business, you may be affected very hard. In same time if your image and culture of doing business, are interactional with many elements of social needs, you will gain popularity and recognitions as the brand. The difficult part of the business listening, is to understand what is needed to be listening. Therefore logically, as more you integrate with modern society needs, the more people come to your business. To understand modern society needs, we need to understand people who coming to our business. The easiest part it is observation. I am not fan of the media or books who give you advice how to observe the society, because 99% percent of this material is useless. Best way of doing, as I said before, it is observation. Concentrate on what you see and of course listen at least how those people talk, walk, what they like, what they wear and so on. To be competitive in business you need to build yourself picture of this presence, rather than taking references from someone. Interesting to admit, that current business style of listening is about new way of the world perception. If we trade on the same level few years...maybe we need to wakeup and look on the new world.