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Live what I want to live

When we choose business....we accept it is as part of our lives. I am personally do not want to understand people who talk about some business goals, but in reality doing nothing. You know...some people have families, friends...other issues in they lives,...and the business itself should be your live. You cant say that your business not working as you planned. Look on your live. You should give more time to the things what you want. Not to other people who you create in youyr head, as a family, as a friend, as your personal live...I am not talking to discard everything from your live, but main idea of my live is to do what I like do. The other people around it, is just other people around it. Other situations happens in my live is just other situations. The main idea it is doing business. Doing that things what I like. You know, we sometimes judge like that, another like that...but I think, we need to understand that it is irrelevant to the our goals. For example I am crazy about the business, and I do the things in business, I am concentrated on the things in the business. I am interesting to meet new people who help my business to progress, I am interesting in situation which teach me new things which benefit my business. I am what I am, and other people just going after my goals. If I put some situations on the top of my priorities, then I am more likely doing mistake. Because I am living my live and if we put for example our relations, our friends, other people various problems..if we put on the top of our goals, then we give our live hours to that situations. I am more interesting to invest all hours of my live into my live. No point to invest hours of my live into situations which one do not benefit my business performance. I am investing more and more into myself only. I am growing with that knowledge. Knowledge of respecting myself...knowledge of living meaningful live....knowledge of living that live of what I really want to live.

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