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Location, location, location

Every business have different locations, so strategies for each location should be different. Look on people around your business. How they look like? How many of them you see each day? ...Analyse what they wear, how they walk, it gives you idea about how to target them. We all have imagination about our top customers, but lets be realistic, it needs time to get good customer, so lets also grab attention of people who are walking near our business or who interact with us every week. That is opportunity to expand to make them our customers. What about traffic? Many cars or other machines moving near your business? Lets think how we can grab they attention...what about google maps or some type of signs what attract them, like free water with every sale or other services to attract. Visibility,is another point to note. How many times you walk near something, lets say shop for example, and did not notice the presence of the premises? You just didn't notice. Same usually happens with many of the businesses. You need somehow to be noticed. Visit different cities or study different cities, about small businesses in your industry and learn how they differentiate each other, maybe some tools will be useful. Or think, how you can be easily spotted for majority of people who near by. And last to remember it is business image. What people think when they look at your business? Just ask them, what do they think when they look at your business. Take a little bit more information for your image, maybe some of the ideas will be good or just give you the base for future business image development.