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Logic is not necessary

When we choose right strategy, the logic is not playing key role. If we know the strategic goals, more likely to achieve it by thinking illogically. The best strategy for strategy it is challenge. This usually build on number of assumptions, which generated from everyone involved. It is good challenge to reframe existing strategy around desired values. Some factors of existing strategy usually discarded and replaced with the new ones. A lot of attention should be given factors of the cost materiel with high value, in order to reduce them or substitute to the low value. In same time put values into frame which one never was offered before by the product itself. Good idea to study existing market and customers values, in order to predict what is valuable and how to offer similar values within your product at lowest cost. If company currently at the trap of competition, then re-framing exist logic necessary, otherwise growth unlikely to be happen. Challenge yourself, your team, with idea of generating new illogical ideas. If they generate something that already known on the market, then your company stay until either profit decline or growth start falling. The good to understand that if you have logic in something, then you will be performing same as other companies perform in your industry. If you notice, then you understand that only top companies grow. If you small or medium company, and have same standard logic like every one then you stay at the same level, like you competitors...usually they not grow..if they grow little bit, in most cases they come back to the beginning. If you logic, then try to understand, that it is play against you and your company. When you do something sometimes illogical...challenging yourself...then you have more chance to break the innovation cycle, where you have opportunity to create something new and bring new product, or process, which will makes for your company profit.