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Making difference across the same

If we have same type of business as somebody already have, then we need to dedifferentiate ourselves, otherwise we will be not performing, because someone already serve this market segment. We have probability and possibility to make profit in already existing areas, but it will be tiny little bit. So we have to introduce the difference, if we want to make more than other similar type of businesses. The difference can be introduced by lowering the cost of the same product or by offering something similar but unique. By looking on your business and divide it on the set of activities from input until output, will help you to get idea in which area it can be done. In general if you want to introduce the difference or uniqueness, you need to understand every step of your business and how it can be managed. Opportunities arise not when you understand all of this sectors, but when you start applying creative solutions in every bit of your business. The power in small/medium business is your imagination. If you see the whole image of your business, you can apply creative distributions in some areas of your business. The greater your creativity, the greater will be output. Creativity one of your personal characteristics that create uniqueness of your business.