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Making millions

A lot of people want business growth, rewarded with some sort of money they never had before. After study hundreds business people, I found most common issues they businesses or personalities not have, in order to grow. Lets start from the simple..The bias of action. People do not know how to act, where to act and when to act. A lot of them come to my company and ask questions how to do that or do that...the interesting thing, that majority of them already know the answer, but...they do not want to act. They just don't want to act. The next thing is customer...you know, your businesses designed for the customers, not for yourselves. If you design for yourself, then sell and buy without involving customers into your business. Stay close to the customer. You must know what he want or at least guessing, but..concentrate on the customer first. That way you make the sale. Next thing...question,question and again question...A lot of people asking me thousands of questions and they are more related to the self-confidence. You must know, there are no strategy to reduce the risks or calculate everything...all people in business doing mistakes, and you must do mistakes, only that way you learn. There are no other way...questions wont help..they only give you ability to think wider. But nobody not show you exactly how to make a millions. Next thing and greatest...a lot of people who want to start business or improve something, do not solve the problems. I mean, they start solving problem, but then they stop solving problem. It needs to understand root of the problem to solve the problem. In business it is important to not fix short-term goals...it is important to look on the long-term strategy, if you want some improvement to start. If we want to make millions in business we need start demanding from ourselves strong discipline and demanding correct environment around us, only after that you will the the change...from inner believes into realistic goals...from thoughts to actions...from one dollar to one million. Create your mind to admit the change.

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